De La Red Not Giving Up Hope Of Real Madrid Return

De la Red

The midfielder still feels part of the team at Madrid.

Forgotten Real Madrid player Ruben De La Red has revealed that he still harbours hopes of returning to football after almost a year out due to an unexplained ailment.

De La Red collapsed during a Copa del Rey tie against Real Union almost 12 months ago, and has yet to receive a definitive diagnosis as to why he fainted, despite regular tests and monitoring by doctors.

“Before thinking about playing, I prefer to think about the diagnosis. I am hoping to be back, but there must be enough evidence for both the doctors and myself to make an appropriate decision,” he told Spanish radio station
Onda Cero.

“No one can tell me what it is or what caused it. It is not easy to digest that you cannot have a schedule, if you do not know what you have to deal with. You can not fight something when you don’t know what it is. First we will have to find out and then make decisions.”

Despite his absence from the game he says he still feels part of the Real Madrid team and thanks his team-mates for their support.

He added, “I still watch all of the matches, and I am still a player in the squad. I’m injured, not outside the team. I’m a player that is not available right now. I feel part team and I have to support my team-mates.”


~ by footballdirecta on October 16, 2009.

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