The Pressure To Include Cassano In Italy Squad Is Negative – Arrigo Sacchi

Sacchi According to many people in Italy, Sampdoria star Antonio Cassano belongs in the national team. However, former Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi believes the pressure being put on current Azzurri boss Marcello Lippi to include Cassano in the squad isn’t a positive thing.

“This popular aspiration to see Cassano called up is negative for the player, the coach and especially the team,” he said.

“When I coached Milan, I made one of my biggest mistakes by letting Ruud Gullit play because everyone wanted to see him back. In the 1989-90 season, even though we had won everything and were in the European Cup final and were fighting for the Scudetto, in Verona, I played Gullit and we lost the match and the title.

“That goes to show that football isn’t an individual sport, as the fortunes of that Milan team often depended on players like Angelo Colombo and Graziano Mannari, who were like part of an orchestra…”

Sacchi also cited his tumultuous relationship with Roberto Baggio at the 1994 World Cup as an example.

“At USA ’94 I spoke clearly to Roberto, asking him how many times he touched the ball during a game,” he continued.

“He said some number and I told him: ‘with us you will touch it about 3-4 more times, but only if you put yourself at the service of the team, and this will give advantages not just to you, but to the whole team’. We lost the World Cup because of that penalty…”


~ by footballdirecta on October 10, 2009.

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