Manchester United Boss Sir Alex Ferguson Apologetic Over Wiley Outburst

Ferguson Following Manchester United’s 2-2 draw with Sunderland last weekend, Sir Alex Ferguson

bemoaned the standard of refereeing, accusing match officiator Alan Wiley of lacking fitness.
It would now appear, however, that the Scotsman regrets the outburst as he has since issued a public apology, adding that he will offer a private one to Wiley, too.

The criticism of Wiley drew widespread media interest, with many referees backing the proverbial man in the middle. Reports even emerged that indicated only seven players from each side covered more grass than the referee that day. The FA even stated that they would be requesting the United boss explain his remarks.

Ferguson, in a statement reported by the BBC, said: “I apologise to Mr Wiley for any personal embarrassment my comments may have caused and to the FA for going public with my views.

“In retrospect I accept that they could be deemed as expressing those views in an inappropriate form. It was never my intention to bring the focus of intense media interest on Mr Wiley and I will apologise to him personally when I return from an overseas trip during the international break.”

He continued: “I wish it to be noted that I have always respected Mr Wiley’s integrity and I did not mean to imply that 1: Mr Wiley is a bad referee, 2: that he was in any way biased, 3: that decisions he made during the game were wrong and 4: that he missed any important incidents in the game.

“My only intention in speaking publicly was to highlight what I believed to be serious issues in the game, namely the fitness levels of referees.”


~ by footballdirecta on October 10, 2009.

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