Maradona To Quit?


Diego Maradona, the coach of the Argentine national team, affirmed that he hasn’t liked several things since he was appointed, and that he will have to evaluate whether he will continue in the position at the conclusion of the World Cup qualifiers.

“I have a commitment with the guys, having said yes to Julio [Grondona] when he invited me to his house asking me to coach the national team was something very nice, but then came lots of things that I didn’t like, and we will discuss them later on,” said Maradona.

An annoyed Maradona told the press that he will only stay on “under his conditions”, and although he didn’t reveal what he wants changed exactly, he stated that a solution must be found.

One of the things that Maradona didn’t like was that Pablo Zabaleta arrived in Argentina injured after playing for Manchester City. Maradona blamed Carlos Bilardo for this.

It is believed that Bilardo and Maradona have a bad relationship, however, both have tried to deny this in the past. According to Telam both don’t speak to each other, and obviously this isn’t a positive thing for the national team.

The last fight between the two occurred a few days ago, when Maradona told Bilardo to make sure that Carlos Tevez and Zabaleta didn’t play for Manchester City before such crucial World Cup qualifiers against Peru and Uruguay.

Both players finally played, and Maradona exploded when he found out that Zabaleta was injured, and won’t be able to participate in either of Argentina’s two matches.

“There are things that I didn’t like and to continue my conditions will have to be met,” insisted Maradona.

Despite the injury setback, Maradona confirmed that he won’t call up any more players, and will make do with the players he already has at his disposal.

“I will work with this squad. Now they are looking for players to see if we can replace him,” explained Maradona, who is preoccupied with the number of players who are on yellow cards.

“We have a team with lots of yellow cards as we kept on getting yellows in each match, in all of the matches in which we played for our lives.”

Even if Argentina manage to qualify for the World Cup, Maradona could possibly step down as the coach of the side if his demands aren’t met.


~ by footballdirecta on October 7, 2009.

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