Manchester United’s Alex Ferguson Hails ‘Fantastic’ Arsene Wenger

zak_90Alex_Ferguson This week Arsene Wenger became Arsenal’s longest-serving manager, after celebrating his 13th anniversary in charge of the club.

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, a man who has enjoyed a long-running rivalry with the Frenchman during that time, feels that Wenger has done a fine job with the Gunners.

“I think he’s brought the best out of Arsenal. I think that since he’s went there, the success rate of the club has been fantastic,” he told reporters at his Friday press conference.

“It proves that longevity in every case I can think of – Brian Clough, myself and Arsene – brings rewards.

“His team plays the right way. He’s got a stadium that’s full every week. He’s been an incredible manager for that football club – there’s no question about that.”

One of the main reasons for Wengers’ longevity is the fact that he remains true to his principles, according to Ferguson.

“I think that that’s the reason why he’s there so long,” the Scot affirmed. “You can stick to what you believe in – and so do his players.

“And that’s important also. I read some quotes from his players the other day which summed up the situation pretty well.

“They owe everything to him and that’s nice to read that.”


~ by footballdirecta on October 2, 2009.

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