Sir Alex Ferguson: Squad Effort Required For Manchester United To Win Champions League


Sir Alex Ferguson has declared that Manchester United are capable of winning the UEFA Champions League this season, saying that it will be a squad effort required to do so.

Ferguson has not played the same United line-up in consecutive games for 78 outings now, reiterating his preference to rotate his players throughout the course of the season to keep them fresh.

Ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League game against German champions Wolfsburg, more changes are expected from the side that despatched Stoke City last Saturday.

“I think the material is there for us to win the European Cup again,” Ferguson said, according to The Daily Mirror.

“We have a good bunch of players.

“And if we win it, it won’t be the team that wins it, it’ll be the squad. But it’s not easy to win it, as we found out in last season’s final against Barcelona.”

While Ferguson is confident in his squad’s ability to conquer Europe, he warned of the fickle nature of cup competitions.

“One mistake in a big game like that and you’re crucified, remember that. One mistake – dead,” he said.

“But if we keep our heads and play the right way in the group stage of the competition, I think we should qualify.

“When we get to the later stages, then we can start to think about getting to the final in Madrid.”

One likely victim of the United manager’s rotation policy is Paul Scholes, who, at 34, rarely plays two matches in a row these days.

“I suppose I’m in the manager’s office a lot more these days, with him telling me I’m not playing,” said Scholes.

“You still want to impress, but the coaches are always asking how you feel and whether you want to take a day off here or there.”

Scholes also revealed that he has been putting in some extra shooting practice after training, such is his desire to get on the scoresheet more often.

“When I was younger I used to get forward a lot more than I do now,” he said.

“I think the manager expects me to stay in the middle of the park nowadays and pass to the players who can go forward and score goals.

“I’d still like to get forward every now and then and chip in, but you have to play however the manager wants you to play.

“I like to stay and do a bit of shooting practice at the end of training. My goals have dried up a bit in recent years, so I’d like to get back to scoring a few.

“I just want to win more trophies and medals. We’re going to be going for all four trophies again this season, so let’s see what happens.”

Daily Mirror

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