Antonio Cassano: The World Cup Is My Dream, But Leave Italy Coach Lippi Alone

sampdoria_antonio_cassano_669718 Sampdoria star Antonio Cassano talked about his chances of making it to the World Cup with Italy.

Although Italy coach Marcello Lippi doesn’t seem to have any intention of calling him up, Sampdoria star Antonio Cassano has not yet given up hope entirely of participating in next summer’s World Cup.

In an interview with Tg1, the playmaker said he doesn’t hold any grudges towards Lippi and that the press should get off his back.

“The World Cup is my dream, but the press should leave Lippi alone,” he said. “I haven’t heard from him since before the 2006 World Cup. As far as I’m concerned I am available 100%, but in Italy it’s difficult to get rid of tags. Now I’ve actually become too nice.

“Lippi is an intelligent person, and I know he isn’t influenced by anyone. Jose Mourinho? He’s a winner. Along with Fabio Capello he’s one of the best coaches of the last twenty years.”

Asked what should be done in the case of racist chants in the stadiums, Cassano said, “It’s not enough to stop the match, the team whose fans make the chants should lose the match.”


~ by footballdirecta on September 26, 2009.

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