Di Stefano Was The Best, Maradona Could Not Score With His Head – Pele

Pelee Pele spoke about Alfredo Di Stefano, Diego Maradona and how he turned down the chance to join Real Madrid.

Pele has revealed that he turned down the chance to play for Real Madrid when he was the star of world football and has stated that Alfredo Di Stefano was the best player ever.

The Brazilian legend received many offers to go to Europe’s biggest clubs when he was in his prime, but was not keen to leave Santos.

In 1959 fellow World Cup winner Didi, who full name was Waldyr Pereira, did go to Madrid and Pele was offered the same terms but said no.

“I did not go and play in Europe because I was very happy at Santos,” he was quoted as saying by Sport.

“I received a lot of proposals but none of them interested me.

“Then I could have gone with Didi to Real Madrid but I did not want to leave.”

Pele has often entered the debate about whether he was better than Diego Maradona, but he has now revealed that he feels there was someone better than them both.

“People talk about the best being Pele or Diego Maradona, but for me the best was Alfredo Di Stefano,” he added.

“Maradona was a great player, but he could not kick with his right foot and did not score goals with his head. The only time he scored an important goal with his head, it turned out he had used his hand.”


~ by footballdirecta on September 17, 2009.

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