Arsenal Fans Were Wrong, Not Adebayor – Harry Redknapp


Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has blamed the Arsenal fans – and not Emmanuel Adebayor – for the crowd trouble during Manchester City’s 4-2 win over the Gunners last weekend, with the resultant violence resulting in injuries to match stewards.
Man City announced that they had “reluctantly accepted“ the violent conduct charge for Adebayor’s stamp on Arsenal’s Robin van Persie .  And while the Togo striker is likely to face a three match ban for that offence, he also faces further improper conduct charges for his overzealous goal celebrations.

Adebayor sprinted the full length of the pitch to celebrate scoring in front of the travelling Arsenal fans, provoking a furious response.

But Redknapp said that while the player was wrong to celebrate in that fashion, he suggested that the real culprits were the Arsenal supporters for baiting the former Gunner all match.

Redknapp said in The Daily Mirror: “I’ve got no time for people kicking anybody or being violent on the football pitch and he was wrong to run the length of the field.

“But it’s very difficult when you’re getting abuse throughout the game like he was.

“It’s not celebrating a goal that cause riots, it’s idiots who want to start riots.

“If I had been standing there and we had been giving him grief all game and he did that, I would probably say: ‘Fair play.’

“Adebayor went over the top but, at the same time, he was getting a lot of abuse from the fans for the whole afternoon.

“What did he do really? Run back and go like that, saying he scored.

“I’m not saying it’s right but if you can’t go near the away fans when you score because you’ll cause a riot, then something is wrong.

“What nutters want to cause riots? Why do people need to shout abuse and cause riots? Why can’t they just watch a game of football?

“I don’t understand it. There’s no need for it and there must be something wrong with you if you want to do that.”

The Daily Mirror

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