Wayne Disappointed For Being Subbed

rooney_280x390_889621aWayne Rooney hurls his boot in fury after being subbed in Turkey last night.

The fiery Manchester United striker blanked boss Alex Ferguson as he trudged off in the 63rd minute.

He exchanged verbals with some Besiktas fans who were taunting him – prompting security guards to move in – and then threw his boot to the floor.

United won through Paul Scholes’ header. And boss Ferguson said: “Wayne is never pleased coming off. He has that kind of energy where he wants to play all the time.

“Wayne played as a lone striker for an hour and it was always the case that he was coming off.”

Ferguson said that he had been told about an altercation between the player and fans but that he had not seen it.

He added: “I always planned to make changes and bring on Berbatov and Owen. Michael needs some playing time.”

As well as the hostile 32,000 crowd, the United players had to cope with someone firing a laser pen at them in the first half.

Ferguson said: “I saw the laser pen and the police did something about it at half-time and got the culprit. They were firing it at Jonny Evans all the time.”

United won this opening group game of their Champions League campaign in Istanbul with a 77th-minute header from Scholes.

Ferguson said: “It was a good goal because there was some good football and Paul Scholes being Paul Scholes scored us a typical goal.

“It was good to win away from home. It was a challenge here because the atmosphere was tremendous. I have never heard so much noise in a football ground.

“You have to deal with that and we showed good concentration and composure. I think in the main we have done quite well.”

Scholes admitted: “I didn’t think it was our best game but a win’s a win. When I scored it was the first time I got forward all night.”

Defender Gary Neville added: “Turkish fans create an atmosphere that is like no other in Europe.

“If they had scored a goal it would have been really hard for us.

“But we kept a clean sheet and, from a defensive point of view, that’s the first priority.”

The Sun

~ by footballdirecta on September 16, 2009.

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