Michel Platini: Spanish Media Have Got Me Wrong


Michel Platini believes that he should be able to air his views on Real Madrid without being accused of being against the club by the Spanish media.

The UEFA president made it clear over the summer that he was unimpressed with Los Merengues’ outlay of €94million for Cristiano Ronaldo and some voices in the press suggested he was biased towards them.
Madrid borrowed money to finance their huge squad rebuilding programme in the summer, and their extravagance may have fallen foul of the new financial rules that Platini has now introduced.

Despite voicing his opinion on the way that the nine-time European champions have gone about their business, the former Juventus star says he is amazed by the way that the Spanish press have reacted.

“If I declare that 94 million euros for a player is insane [as he did about the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo], I am an enemy of Madrid,” he told reporters in Italy.

“If I add that you need more than a harem of stars to seduce the world, I hate Florentino Perez, and so on,” he added.

“Everytime I talk about Real Madrid, I fire up the reporters.”

~ by footballdirecta on September 16, 2009.

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