Argentina Have No Balance Or Coherence – Jose Luis Chilavert

Jose Luis Chilavert Jose Luis Chilavert thinks that Argentina have no balance or coherence under Diego Maradona, and that the national team boss should change his coaching staff if things are to improve.

The outspoken Paraguayan legend is stunned that the Albiceleste may not qualify for the World Cup finals unless they rapidly improve after being beaten by Brazil at the weekend.

Maradona has accepted that he has been at fault in recent games, and Chilavert has stated why he thinks that the Argentines have been suffering under their current coach.

“The approach Maradona took against Bolivia was very bad. The national team lost a lot when Marcelo Bielsa left in 2004, they do not play as a team,” he told Ole.

“I do not like the people who he has working around him, as it is a case of ‘jobs for the boys’.

“What Maradona says one must take with a pinch of salt. There is no balance and no coherence there.

“All the bad things that Maradona said about Argentine FA president, Julio Grondona are now present in the national team. That incoherence is costly.

“Now qualifying is difficult for them and Argentina have no defined system.”


~ by footballdirecta on September 8, 2009.

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