Qualifying For The World Cup Will Be Hard


Diego Maradona, the coach of the Argentine national team, admitted that “it will be tough and more complicated” to qualify for the 2010 World Cup after the devastating defeat to rivals Brazil on Saturday.

Maradona confirmed that he will continue to be the coach of Argentina and, that such a defeat may be painful but it doesn’t “break” him and it gives him more reason “to work hard like crazy” to send Argentina to the World Cup.
“To lose to Brazil is always ugly. We were very motivated about winning and to move closer towards the World Cup. But now we can’t sit back because qualifying will be tough,” said Maradona, during the press conference after the match.

He admitted that from now on Argentina “have to work and to continue things against Paraguay to see if we can claim the three points.” Maradona stated “it will be tough, more complicated, and even more so after today’s defeat, which we thought that we could win.”

“The responsibility is mine. I would never send a player to jail,” he emphasised. Maradona was clearly frustrated, but he wasn’t annoyed at any of the questions asked by the press, even when asked about his future as national team coach.

“I spoke to Julio [Grondona] and with Carlos [Bilardo]. I will speak about it with my daughters. I will work hard like crazy. This won’t break me,” he affirmed, before getting back to the game.

“To turn around a negatitve deficit against Brazil is complicated because they have great players. I won’t complain about my players, because I threw in everything. Unfortunately we couldn’t [turn the game in our favour].”

Maradona felt that his team could have scored a goal in the first half, but it just wasn’t to be.

“Unfortunately, we had some chances in the first half with Maxi [Rodriguez] and [Carlos] Tevez but we couldn’t score. We practised high balls because we know Brazil are very good at this,” stated the former Argentina captain, who also said “we shouldn’t give all the blame to [Lionel] Messi because he isn’t the only one playing.”

“I’m not annoyed, I was very annoyed against Bolivia [a 6-1 defeat in La Paz]. I’m calm with the players I have. I didn’t like the fact that each time they attacked us they scored a goal. We have to keep on working and we have to go to Paraguay to see if we can claim all three points.”

Finally, Maradona said he would “like” to return to playing at the Gigante de Arroyito stadium in Rosario, and he thanked the fans for the undivided support they gave him and his team.


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One Response to “Qualifying For The World Cup Will Be Hard”

  1. Maradona needs to be fired. It was pitiful. Brasil kicked butt. I ma happy Brasil shut up Tevez. Go Brasil

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