Argentina 1-3 Brazil: Brazil Qualify For The World Cup

F Melo L Fabiano

Luis Fabiano scored twice as Brazil stunned Argentina in Rosario, qualifying for the World Cup in the process.

After Luisao had opened the scoring, two Luis Fabiano strikes were sandwiched with one from Jesus Datolo, which proved to be a mere consolation.

Argentina lined up as divulged by Maradona earlier, with Carlos Tevez playing just behind Lionel Messi.

Brazil, meanwhile, fielded a familiar line-up, with Luis Fabiano leading the line.

The Albiceleste were under considerable pressure going into this game, and they made their intentions clear very early on, with a brilliant sequence of one-touch play straight from the kick-off ending in a corner after just 40 seconds.

However, after that early burst of inspiration, the game struggled to find any rhythm, with the nerves on both sides evident. Lionel Messi showed a few glimpses of skill, but would have been disappointed with his first shot, an effort from distance that flew well wide.

Argentina were certainly monopolising possession, but apart from the occasional dribble from Messi, they were failing to threaten Julio Cesar’s goal. The decision by Maradona not to play a genuine striker, with Tevez and Messi both roaming, meant that there was often no-one in the box to collect the final ball.

Brazil had hardly left their own half, but on 24 minutes, they took the lead completely against the run of play. Elano whipped a free-kick in from the right, and Luisao rose unmarked to head home, once again highlighting the frailties of the home side’s defence.

Minutes later, Juan Sebastian Veron whipped in a free-kick of his own, and it would surely have resulted in an equaliser had anyone got a touch. It was a tale of set-pieces though, as the Selecao capitalised on yet another one to extend their lead.

Elano’s direct effort from range deflected off the wall, eventually making its way to Felipe Melo. His shot was saved by Mariano Andujar, but the rebound fell straight to Luis Fabiano, who tucked the ball away, compounding the misery for Diego Maradona’s men.

On 37 minutes, Argentina finally created something of note, when Tevez’s cut-back was met by Maxi Rodriguez, only for Julio Cesar to deny him from point-blank range. The home side’s woes were summed up soon after, when Veron completely missed an attempted volley in the box.

On the stroke of half-time, Brazil nearly scored a third after yet another Elano free-kick. Luis Fabiano got his head on the cross, and only Andujar’s outstretched hand prevented more embarrassment for Argentina.

There was still time for Argentina to mount one final attack before the break, when Datolo’s shot flew inches wide of the far post. That proved to be the final chance of the half, as Maradona took his side into the sheds for the most important team talk of his managerial career to date.

The Argentina boss wasted no time in making changes, bringing Sergio Aguero on for Maxi Rodriguez. The Albiceleste started brightly again, but still looked dangerously susceptible to the counter-attack.

The game was now being played entirely in Brazil’s half, but the Selecao always seemed to have an extra defender to cut out the final ball. As the hour mark approached, the whistles rang around Rosario, with the home side still looking unlikely to find a way back into the game.

Messi continued to dribble past opponents with ease, but playing in his deep role, he lacked any support to make it worthwhile. Meanwhile, Luis Fabiano flashed a shot wide from distance, as Brazil continued to create the better chances, despite hardly having any possession.

Then, out of the blue, came the lifeline for Argentina. Receiving the ball around thirty yards out, Datolo, who had flashed many a shot wide already, decided to have another go. This time, it flew into the top right hand corner, to the delight of the crowd.

It proved, however, to be a false dawn. With the fans still celebrating, Kaka played a special through ball for Luis Fabiano, who latched onto it and chipped it brilliantly over Andujar, thus restoring the two goal deficit.

Both managers then made further changes, with Ramires and Daniel Alves replacing Elano and Robinho, while Diego Milito came on for Tevez. The Inter striker nearly had an immediate impact, shooting straight at his Intern team-mate, after being set up by Messi.

With less than 15 minutes left, the goalscoring hero, Luis Fabiano, was replaced by Adriano. Argentina were still pouring forward, but they continued to be hampered by sloppy passes and misplaced shots. With five minutes left, Julio Cesar thwarted Milito from point blank again.

The home side failed to find a way back in the game, thus deepening their qualification problems, with a tricky trip to Paraguay on the horizon. Brazil, meanwhile, can book their tickets to South Africa.


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6 Responses to “Argentina 1-3 Brazil: Brazil Qualify For The World Cup”

  1. I would like to say hard luck to my dear friend Argentina Lover for this tragedy. Argentina had very good possession but Maradona should have played Aguero with Messi from the start which i felt would have been a very dangerous duo.

    Argentina can’t afford to lose anymore.


  2. This was hard loss for Argentina but Maradona needs to be fired. It was a great match for us.

  3. Dear Rakan
    it is really a tragedy for us as Argentina fans, but we must be fair and give everyone his real position, anyone who understand in football will be aware that all what is happening to Argentina is because of the bad selection of Maradonna, you know very well how much i love Maradonna but really he is the worst coach in the Argentinian History till now, if you look into the details you will find that there is more than ten players who are from the best over world but they were not selected to the national team of Maradonna : Requelme , Heguain , Zarate, Samuel ,Lopez , … etc
    so i admit that we are in a very bad situation now and because i like Argentina i want you to know a very important thing : if this team will reach World Cup and continue in this way of performance i prefer really not to reach in order to keep the history of our teams in all of the last three world cups when we were the best team in the tournament even if we did not win the cup.
    Finally, i just want to mention that you as a fan of England team will be happy for this thing but be sure that we will return to be number one in the world as Argentina land will never stop giving great talents till the end of time.

  4. I will not be happy if Argentina does not qualify. World cup will be missing a leg without the Tango team. We are not talking about England now. This is about Argentina and why they lost against Brazil who superior in tactics and finishing.

    Be a good sportsman and stop throwing your anger at England my friend. The Three Lions is not a team you want to be soft about. They are ranked 7th and Argentina are ranked 8th.

    England vs Argentina in recent history:
    2005: Eng 3-2 Argentina (Friendly)
    2002: Eng 1-0 Argentina (World Cup)

    And over the years back to 1951:
    England won against Argentina a total of 6 times
    Argentina won against England a total of 4 times
    They tied 5 times

    So i will let the stats speak for itself.

    And remember this was about Argentina in the beginning you brought England into this. Now you wish you had not, right?

    Believe me i wish that you do not play England these days. It will be another tragedy for you. Maybe Rooney will repeat the hand of god for England?

    My best regards, and wishing Argentina the best of luck in their test to qualify.


  5. If i want to change the conversation to be about England and Argentina i have to mention to the following things :

    – Argentina won World Cup two times , England only one time.
    – Argentina won World Cup out of its land, England did not.
    – Argentina won the Copa America 15 times. England did not reach the final of European Football Championship.
    – Argentina won confederation cup one time and reach the final in the other two times, England never reach to this tournament.
    – World cup top scorers was achieved by the Argentina players two times, while won by England only one time.
    – Argentina gave the world the best player over all times who personally beat 11 player of England in 1986, Maradonna, while the best player given by England is Boby Charlton who is great but never to be compared with the legend Maradona.
    – Argentina gave the world another miracle nowadays – Messsi – while you are keeping saying Rooni who is just another good striker not more than this.
    – Argentina gave the world the first referee who control both the first and the last match in world cup 2006, while England gives the world the referee who gave a player three yellow cards in the same tournament.
    Now who is sad to make a comparison between the two big teams. i think you remember all the failure your favorite team faced in the history of football.

    Finally, i think is very good thing to thank the Great Man Capello who made England one of the first ten teams after more than ten years they were out of the first ten , at the same time in which Argentina never get out of the first ten in the same period of time.

    As regard that i am not speaking as good sportsman, you must remember when i told you that Argentina did not deserve to win the game and if they continue to play in the same way i do not like them to qualify to keep the beautiful image of Argentina in the minds of fans before our our great legend destroy this image.
    P/s : this does not mean that i am against Maradona, be sure that i still find him the best who ever touch the ball in all times.

    Viva Argentina

    Argentina Lover

  6. So ? England gave you football.


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