Wenger Sent Off In New Ref Row

01_weng2_280x390_878062aArsene Wenger was caught in a new storm after getting sent off at Old Trafford.

The Arsenal manager was sent packing by referee Mike Dean as he protested over Robin van Persie’s disallowed goal deep into injury time in the 2-1 defeat to Manchester United.

Just 24 hours after his fierce defence of Eduardo for his Champions League theatrics, Wenger saw his own player Emmanuel Eboue get booked for diving.

But he brushed over that incident and instead accused a United player of being a hatchetman.

Wenger said: “I believe you should look at the game and who played with real spirit on the pitch today. I felt we played with the right spirit

“It’s difficult to judge every time someone goes down. Today I’ve seen a player make 20 fouls and there was no yellow card. Nobody sees it.”

Asked to name the player, the Frenchman responded: “If you’ve seen the game you don’t need me (to tell you). How this player got away without a yellow card is quite amazing.”

Wenger insisted he did nothing wrong as he booted a water bottle following Van Persie’s disallowed goal.

He added: “I didn’t know you were not allowed to kick a water bottle – although it was a good kick.

“We go home with no points and that is very frustrating. When you play like that to go home with no points is very difficult to accept.

“You know what you get at Old Trafford when you come – every time – but I don’t want to go into the performance of the ref. If you have any questions you shouldn’t ask them to me.”

United boss Alex Ferguson was delighted with his team’s comeback from Andrey Arshavin’s opener, with a Wayne Rooney penalty and an Abou Diaby own goal earning his side three points.

Fergie said: “One down at half-time – it’s always an uphill task against a team of Arsenal’s capabilities.

“We had to dig deep and I think in fairness we really did perform well in the second half.

“Last season we lost four points to Arsenal and six to Liverpool. You have to try to correct these things as best you can.”

The Sun

~ by footballdirecta on August 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Wenger Sent Off In New Ref Row”

  1. I think referee was crazy. So many yellow cards and wenger sent off as well.

  2. All the yellow cards were deserved. As for Wenger being sent off i think that was a bit harsh. But he did react wrongfully to the ref’s decision and therefore was punished for that. Sagna truly deserved one.

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