Italy Coach Marcello Lippi Visits Aquila Earthquake Site


The coach went to see the effects of the Aquila earthquake and pondered the destruction it left behind almost five months on.

Italy coach Marcello Lippi has paid a visit to the Aquila earthquake disaster zone, describing the scene as ‘unimaginable.’

The coach visited the worst affected areas following the destruction caused by the earthquake which struck the region in April. Reports claimed around 307 people lost their lives in one of Italy’s worst natural disasters since the 1980 earthquake in Irpinia.

During his visit, the coach tried a seismic simulator which re-creates the tremors of an earthquake.

“I didn’t think the seismic reactions would be similar to this,” Lippi told
La Repubblica.

He then spared a thought for the victims and families, and what they have gone through in the aftermath almost five months to the day since the disaster.

“One can never imagine what an earthquake is unless you come here,” concluded Lippi.

The rebuilding operation is progressing well in Aquila, but it will take some years before a return to normal life will be seen there.


~ by footballdirecta on August 27, 2009.

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