Juan Sebastian Veron Will Retire From Argentina After World Cup

Juan Sebastian Veron (8)Argentine playmaker, Juan Sebastian Veron, who guided his beloved Estudiantes de La Plata to Copa Libertadores glory last season, affirmed that after the World Cup he will retire from the national team.

“If God wants, after the World Cup I will retire from the national team,” Veron responded, after being asked whether he will take part in the Copa America of 2011.

In respect to Argentina’s World Cup qualifying campaign, Veron explained that “this process was irregular from the start, not only for us but for everyone else too.”

“If one takes a look, Paraguay seemed to be qualified and now they are only two points ahead of us. Chile started badly and now they are with one foot in. There are lots of teams separated by few points. First we have to qualify for the World Cup, but it won’t be easy,” Veron told the official website of CONMEBOL.

Veron also commented about his Argentina team-mate, Lionel Messi, saying that having him on their side “is an advantage, but we have to know how to take advantage of it.”

“Lionel doesn’t play by himself and we have to help him by moving around him so he doesn’t carry the whole load,” he said. “For me he is the best Argentine player, without any doubts.”

Finally, he stated that his objective is to win the World Cup with Argentina in South Africa, and that he will hope to be celebrating next July.

“I hope to have won something. Maybe something, maybe everything or maybe nothing. We have to keep on working in order to do things well.”


~ by footballdirecta on August 24, 2009.

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